Personal 1:1 Mentoring

Developing Healthy Life-Ways

Together we work on dissolving blockages that no longer serve you;  enabling free flow of thought, communication and action. Transforming  old stories and unhealthy patterns that require healing into productive,  joyful and healthy behaviors. After inquiry, discovery, vision &  breakthrough - practical application culminates in success. 

Are you ready to walk that journey?  Give yourself the gift of healing and empowerment TODAY!

* WOMEN please note that I do offer the above 1:1  Mentoring Sessions for you as well, focused on helping you to relate  & understand the males in your life (spouse, partner, brother, son,  father, etc.). Through such an understanding, clear communication,  acceptance and techniques to cultivate intimacy and connection are  formed. My unique approach provides a perspective on the male "way of  being" that females are not often privy to. It honors the men while  enlightening the women for enhanced relationships.  

1:1 Mentoring

1:1  Personal Mentoring Sessions are only $111. for 50 minutes. Available appointments will be emailed after registration.  

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Passion & Purpose Portal PROGRAM

An Entryway into Your Journey of Discovery

This first step in the ultimate process of self-mastery is an invitation to step out of your routine patterns of thinking and begin BEING that which best serves you. As a committed collective of open and  like-minded males we embrace our individuality as well as our sameness.  The program is interactive and inspires the commencement of that which  motivates a healthy and sustainable way of living. You will be  challenged to feel, vision and implement what it is that  has been awaiting you. We meet on-line through Zoom once per month for 6  months.  I invite you to open the door and make the first step through to a new and awakened YOU!   

The natural progression thereafter is a calling for the  deeper soul-work leading to the 

Way of the Illuminated Warrior Rites of Passage Program

Rolling Enrollment

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 ~ Six 90 minute monthly Zoom  

    Video calls 

 ~ Monthly worksheets 

~ Recommended readings 

~ Private Facebook Group 

The Investment in Yourself is only $149./month or $797. Pay in Full  


Rites of Passage Program

Are You Ready To Dive Deep Into Self Transformation?

This life enhancing program was founded in 2011 and has evolved with significant power & purpose with each Round. Do you hear the call to gather with other like-minded males who are also on a journey to  achieve their best and highest selves? More and more men of all ages are  seeking that empowerment that comes with self-mastery. This program is  for those who are willing to make the commitment to face their  shadow-selves and walk into the light of new BEING. Is it your time to  do what is necessary to discover, live and be your best version of you? To wake up every morning with a passion & purpose,  generate wealth & abundance, create healthy & loving  relationships, and to be open to whatever else may be in store for you? Join the Illuminated Warriors and begin the great unfolding that is within each of us.  The next Round of the Men's Rites of Passage Program will commence Spring of 2020.  

Rites of Passage

This is an Initiation into the unknown. Are you ready for something else? something that feels fulfilling and finally makes sense? We are not taught what we need to know by traditional sources and it's no ones fault. Now is the time to awaken...are you ready?